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  • Our time living in Germany has flown by. While we’re excited to be heading back to the U.S. this June, I’m going to miss the charm of the European cities and streets here so, so much! 🙌🏻 Yet another reason blogging as a business rocks: it’s so mobile. It moves when we do. Which is every two years or so. I can literally work from anywhere that has WiFi. 💻☕️
  • When you’re working hard on a Saturday, coffee is a must. If you missed the big news I shared on Facebook, I decided to make my blogging course free! And I started a Facebook group for support and mentorship. Click the link in my profile to easily get to the details on both new resources. 😘 Have a lovely weekend, friends!
  • Happy Monday, friends! While I didn't get nearly as much done in January as I planned (because life stuff took precedence), my big win was getting 11K new email subscribers. 😮 I sat down to analyze why it was such a successful month for signups and I'm, of course, sharing all the details in today's blog post. 🖥 Visit the blog easily by clicking the link in my profile or go to
Tell me how your January went! What was your biggest blogging win and/or your biggest struggle?
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  • When do you feel like your brain is on it's best game? Mine definitely works best first thing in the morning, so I usually work first and then do my workout midday (which is also a nice break from sitting all day). Today, I did my workout first thing and while it feels good to get it out of the way, it kind of killed the productivity vibes I was feeling this morning. Good thing it's Friday! 😜
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