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  • When do you feel like your brain is on it's best game? Mine definitely works best first thing in the morning, so I usually work first and then do my workout midday (which is also a nice break from sitting all day). Today, I did my workout first thing and while it feels good to get it out of the way, it kind of killed the productivity vibes I was feeling this morning. Good thing it's Friday! 😜
  • I love my kids dearly but I definitely did a little happy dance when they finally went back to school today. πŸ€— Holiday Break was mostly wonderful but I’ve been craving routine and that tends to go out the window on breaks. 😜 Side note: I super duper love that working from home means yoga pants and cozy socks are totally appropriate working attire. πŸ’•πŸ’»
  • I love this reminder so, so much. It's something I'm working on. The blogging as a business burnout can be real. When you love what you do, it's easy to toe the line of being a workaholic. One thing I'm doing this year to combat the burnout is making my workouts a huge priority. I think my word for the year will be "reclaim". Reclaim my time off. Reclaim my fitness level. Reclaim my love of creating just for fun. Did you pick a word for 2018?
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  • Just over here feeding my Ampersand obsession with a new wax seal. πŸ’• I ordered the seal and wax sticks from an Etsy shop called The Stamp Press. Swipe for a closer look at the wax seal. I’ve never used one before and clearly misjudged how much wax I’d need. 😜 #ampersandobsessed
  • Happy 2018! We've been back in Germany for almost two days and the jet lag is real. 😴 I finally got my groggy self up to my office to at least make to a list of what I need to do this week. At the top of my list for Dawn Nicole Co is to get the first monthly newsletter out to you ASAP! It will be all about setting goals for this year. When it comes to growth, I swear by goal setting! Stay tuned for the first newsletter which will contain a free goal setting worksheet.
If you're not already signed up, you can click the link in my profile and tap "Get the Monthly Newsletter" button. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
  • For those of you who blog, how many posts per week do you publish? I've done 3 per week for a long time but am cutting down to 1-2 per week on my main blog in 2018. For each post, will focus on SEO and marketing of the post. Less but better is the goal. This will not only allow me to put out better content, it will also give me time to focus on creating great exclusive content for my email subscribers and on creating eCourses and eProducts (for both blogs).
Many blog stats from this year are showing a trend toward bloggers posting less, although there is debate that more frequent posting yields better overall results. But you never want to sacrifice quality to post more. #notetoself I think the most important thing is not how often you post, but that you pick a post frequency, create great content, and be consistent about sticking to it!
  • Writing in your planner: team pencil or team pen? I usually pencil things in before committing to it with pen! The @passionplanner is my all time favorite. What planner do you use?
  • Less than a week until I turn on my out of office email message and we head back to the U.S. for the first time since we moved to Germany. πŸ€— We haven’t been home in over 18 months and we can't wait to spend time with the family we miss so much. πŸ’• Bring on the trips to Target and Chick-Fil-A! If you moved to another country, what stores and restaurants would you miss most?
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